Premier Web Site Solutions

99% of potential customers expect your business to have a web site. If you're serious about your image, then our innovation and creativity is your turnkey solution. We understand that all of our clients have different needs. That is why we offer custom web site solutions. Creativity is not a template, creativity is not Go-daddy. Your business deserves the absolute best.

creative web solutions

Graphic/Advertisement Design

From developing the original concept and approach to the details and the fine tuning, there is not a job outside of our experience. Our design services include projects such as Print Ads. Online Ads, Web site Concepts, Brochures, Marketing Materials, Direct Mail, Annual Reports, Newsletters, Corporate Identity, Logo Branding, Packaging, Catalogs, Invitations, and even Book Covers and Illustration.


Video Production/DVD Authoring

Video creating has become one of the fastest growing media markets in the past decade. While other companies offer "small town" video quality, Distinguish Media is committed to staying on the cutting edge of technology and creativity. Weither you need a full service video presentation, or need your footage captured and edited for a local event, Distinguish Media offers the highest in video quality.


Computer Repair

If your computer is dramatically slower than it used to be, or should be, you may be infected by spyware or a virus. We can help you with most of your personal computer needs. That includes removing those unwanted programs, backing up important files, giving basic tutorials, repairing and upgrading hardware, and consultation.


Professional Audio Recording

Partnering with Broken Record Studios, we offer a state of the art digital recording experience that will have you sounding like the Big Apple. Running Pro Tools and Intel based Macs, Broken Record Studios delivers quite a punch for an affordable price.